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It's Monday, and we know that getting the week started can be tough. We're here to help by letting you peek into the recording booth when the Engadget HD podcast goes to tape Monday the 10th at 5:30pm. Think of it as a kind of time machine that will help you power through your day by reviewing what happened in the week HD-wise. Embedded Ustream tools and a list of topics after the break.

FCC will let the MPAA disable analog outputs, kind of
Cox "Plus Package" brings advanced Trio UI, 500GB multiroom DVR and more HD channels
Study finds commercial-skipping DVRs don't affect purchases, 'TiVo effect' may not exist
Mark Cuban foretells Netflix demise, sees a future filled with on-demand video

Cablevision starts "limited deployment" of network DVR
Psycho gets 5.1 surround for the first time on Blu-ray

Warner's DVD2Blu trade-up program gets bigger, cheaper (maybe)
DirecTV Q1 results are great for profits, multi-room viewing and RVU -- but not DirecTiVo
DirecTV quickly signs up the first baseball 3D broadcast
Samsung and Panasonic 3DTVs use same active shutter glasses tech, but are (mostly) incompatible
Energy Star 4.0 goes into effect for HDTVs, puts 'em on a diet
Electronic House crowns 2010 Home of the Year award winners
Ask Engadget HD: How do I take my home theater to the next level?
Poll: Waiting for new HDTV technologies, or planning to buy more of the same?

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