Motorola DCX3501-M
Lots of news coming out of The Cable Show this week with the latest being a new HD DVR from Motorola. The DCX3501-M features a 500GB hard drive, MoCA 1.1, eSATA and is Energy Star 2011 compliant. All of that equals a box that is probably way better than anything anyone's ever gotten from a cable company. Personally, 500GB and two tuners wouldn't be enough for our household, but with built in multi-room support and a functional eSATA port, things get more interesting. Of course we'll all have to wait until at least the 3rd quarter of this year before there's a chance our cable company will start deploying these, but in the meantime you can click through and read the full press release.


Motorola rolls out the latest HD DVR, the DCX3501-M