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Cincinnati Bell's Blaze is probably the rarest carrier-branded Android phone you'll find in the States

Chris Ziegler
Of all the regionals to score a completely custom, self-branded Android device, we admit that we wouldn't have guessed that Cincinnati Bell would be in that list -- and yet the carrier managed to roll out this here "Blaze" running Android 1.6 "at speeds 86 percent faster than AT&T and Verizon." That's a pretty bold claim, but our tipster reports that he saw 2Mbps down and 1Mbps up on a phone he checked out -- not bad, all things considered. Unfortunately, the phone appears to have a rather wacky skin, which -- considering the no-name brand involved here -- might really doom the Blaze to an Eclair- and Froyo-free life. Hit up the gallery below for some shots of the phone in the wild, or march into your Cincinnati Bell store to grab one for $100 on contract.

[Thanks, Justin H. and Adam M.]

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