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Dell Streak shows what the Engadget app can do with a 5-inch screen (video)

Vlad Savov

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You asked and we listened. Having given you a quick glimpse of both the Dell Streak and our own Android app way back in the sixth episode of The Engadget Show, we've now put the two together for a more in-depth look. Comparing the 5-inch Streak with the 3.2-inch Hero and 3.7-inch Desire might not seem like a fair fight, but it really illustrates the difference in real estate. Whereas HTC's phones let you see the top story bar and the first couple of latest posts, the Streak gives you a good quintet of headlines to look at before having to perform any actions. And scrolling while reading a post? You can (almost) forget about that anachronism as well. It really is an impressive piece of kit, this supposed non-smartphone from Dell. See it in moving pictures after the break.

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