To say our tip box has been inundated with reports of iOS 4 issues today would be something of an understatement. So far, those on staff seem to be running cool (with the exception of some slow down on our gold build downloads), but obviously you're a larger sample size with so far widely disparate reports. So tell us, is iOS 4 causing you grief? If so, how? (Note: if you're having multiple problems, pick what you'd consider most troublesome.)
Any iOS 4 problems?
All contacts deleted3364 (4.7%)
Random crashes4465 (6.2%)
Heavy slowdown6516 (9.1%)
MMS messages aren't sending461 (0.6%)
Google Sync issues / unable to retrieve Gmail3056 (4.3%)
Music and videos won't restore after the upgrade1382 (1.9%)
Can't connect to data networks2266 (3.2%)
Photos aren't rendering properly1707 (2.4%)
Other (let us know in the comments!)5395 (7.5%)
No problems so far: installed without a hitch and running just as fast (if not faster)25061 (34.9%)
I just like to push buttons, wouldst thou call me a monster?18081 (25.2%)