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Olympus E-330 shoots vacations by day, spots cancer cells by night

Darren Murph

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Yeah, that's right -- the first DSLR to ever ship with a live-view LCD on the back is now being put to use for something far more monumental, a full four years after it's original introduction. A smattering of researchers at Rice University have somehow discovered that the Olympus E-330 can be used to distinguish between cancerous and healthy cells, and there's no need to even export the photos; instead, the camera's own rear LCD is good enough to show whether or not a dyed cell is harmful or salubrious. The whole skinny is down there in the source link, but the takeaway is pretty staggering: if an off-the-shelf DSLR can now be used to make such profound decisions, why in the world are you still in med school?

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