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Tyrannos flying military car concept avoids road obstacles... by flying

Laura June

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The idea of a flying car is probably the most stereotypical emblem of "the future" anyone can possibly offer up -- but we never really tire of it regardless. Logi AeroSpace is the latest start up to revive those fantasies, and as you can see from the concept shot above, they're aiming high. Called the Tyrannos, the newest flying car to come on our radar is a four-wheeler that has four small rotary wings to get it off the ground. The car is designed to be road and air-friendly, meaning that it can take off from the road, avoiding obstacles in military situations, with a maximum height of around 1,000 feet, the car would seat four and ideally take almost no special training -- meaning you wouldn't have to be a pilot to drive / fly one. The company has pitched the idea to DARPA , where many military projects get their first breath of life, so we'll keep our eyes peeled for any developments on this one.

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