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I-O Data TransferJet USB dongle announced in Japan

Nilay Patel

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Been dying to get in on some TransferJet high-speed low-range wireless data transfer action since Sony made such a big fuss of it at CES? Well you can go the all-Sony route and pick up a VAIO F or one of Sony's Cyber-Shot bundles with a reader, or you can head to Japan and snag this I-O Data USB2-TJC reader, when it comes out later this month for ¥10,000 ($115). It works with Windows and Mac OS X, and you'll still need to have that special TransferJet Memory Stick or a compatible Cyber-Shot camera on the other end of the equation for the time being, so it looks like you'll still be kicking it Sony Style for a while. Good thing Toshiba has promised TransferJet stuff by the end of the year, right?

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