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Motorola Sage spotted in the wild, Mr. Blurrycam claims there's QWERTY on board

Sean Hollister

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Sure, we'd heard tell of a Motorola Sage and briefly posited that the 850 / 1900MHz Android device could be AT&T's followup to the Backflip, but bless our bluetooth and count our digital compasses if this isn't it. Ubergizmo obtained this shot of a Motorola device that's a dead ringer for the aforementioned horizontal clamshell, complete with the huge trackpad (mounted on the front this time) and 3.1-inch screen. Mr. Blurrycam reportedly says it will sport Android 2.1 and a hardware keyboard as well, though from this angle there's no telling where Motorola might have stuck the QWERTY in, on or around the silver-trimmed shell. Portrait slider, anyone? [Thanks, Calob]

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