It's not often that we know this freaking much about a major smartphone prior to its announcement -- not to say that we're complaining. Latest in the never-ending string of Droid 2 leaks is this handy little flyer, seemingly part of internal training for sales reps, pimping a variety of features like Android 2.2 out-of-the-box (something the original Droid is just now getting), the 8GB of on-board storage with another 8GB on an included microSD card, the Droid X-like UI skin, Swype, and -- this is interesting -- a claimed 40 percent gain in website loading time over its predecessor thanks to the 1GHz core. Of course, Froyo's quite a bit faster than Eclair, so if they're benchmarking a Froyo Droid 2 against an Eclair Droid, that could account for part of the performance improvement, too -- not to say that we're complaining. Hit the gallery below for a larger version of the page.

[Thanks, anonymous tipster]
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Droid 2 flyer confirms Froyo (again), promises 40 percent boost in website load times

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