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Motorola Droid Pro, Droid 2 World Edition, and MZ600 'tablet' leak for Verizon


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Hey guess what, Verizon loves Android and Motorola, and the hit-making trio seem to be up to their old tricks with a bevy of new phones spotted by a Boy Genius Report tipster in Verizon Wireless' systems. The serial numbers and hints of product names help flesh out and clarify a rumor Boy Genius was peddling a week ago, with the super specced Droid Pro and what looks to be a secondary version of the Droid 2 "World Edition" apparently slated for those international-friendly GSM+CDMA chipsets (like Verizon's Storm before them), while a third MZ600 "tablet" device is also in the works. Before you get your hopes up, that's probably just VZ's lingo for the slate-style touchphone that was included in BG's earlier rumor, and not some sort of iPad-slaying Android monstrosity. Not that we'd mind being wrong on this front, and there's nothing here to contradict additional rumors we've heard of Android 3.0 tablets being aimed for Q4 on Verizon.

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