We know we're not alone when we say that Paul "Bear" Vasquez made us turn all different colors of happy when we checked out his double rainbow video a few months back. That was awesome. You know what's not awesome? How a team from Microsoft took us "behind the lens" to show how Bear could have used Windows Live to stitch his still photos together to make a panoramic shot of said rainbow. We guess this campaign achieved at least two goals: increased our awareness of Windows Live (now we know that it stitches photos, but not much else) and got Mr. Vasquez a certain (hopefully ridiculous) amount of cash. But to be honest, we didn't really need to see this hawking of a product by someone who had pretty obviously never used it before a team from Redmond knocked on his YouTube account. Awkward, very tightly-edited video after the break. Update: another spot -- where they made him do it again -- also after the break.

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