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Microscopic Pac-Man installation makes a play for the smallest part of your heart

Darren Murph

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"Cute" doesn't even begin to accurately describe it. Kotoro "dotimpact" Tanaka, a Japanese design professor, has been credited with designing what may actually be the world's smallest game of Pac-Man. The microscopic installation was recently showcased at the 30th anniversary Pac-Man exhibition, utilizing original Pac-Man hardware, a projector and a microscope in order to blow up a minuscule game of cat and ghost for human eyes to recognize. We're told that it's able to reflect its image through a mirror in order to produce a 1cm square image at a resolution of 1439 pixels per inch (PPI), and users are highly encouraged to screw with the zoom and focus controls in order to heighten the level of difficulty. So, dotimpact... how's about an on sale date?

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