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Verizon: LTE modem handoff has two-minute delay, fix (and Mac compatibility) on the way

Sean Hollister

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Though we found Verizon's new LTE network pleasantly speedy in early testing, there are a few rough edges to the tech -- Verizon's USB modem have difficulty handing off connected users from an EVDO network to an LTE one, and of course, they don't yet work on Mac. However, Verizon's since admitted to both these issues and pledged to remedy the twain. "Hand-offs can take up to a couple minutes, but that was expected and a fix is in the works," it told Computerworld earlier today. "Mac is not yet supported, and we've been working on drivers for Mac OS for weeks, and expect to update relatively soon," a representative added. Now let's see the company bring some sense to the wild, wild west we call the 4G market.

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