Verizon Wireless nixing early upgrades and New Every Two program?

Fan of the early upgrade? Hope you're not on Big Red, then. Android Central's obtained what's purported to be a slide from Verizon's training material, one that says customers on a two-year contract "will no longer be able to upgrade in months 13 - 20 of their 24 month contract as a standard policy" after January 16th. As for the the New Every Two deal, pared down once already in February 2009, new customers won't be enrolled if they activate or upgrade a line, also after the 16th. In other words, the program would be effectively dead in the water, but we don't know if this slide is gospel or a cruel forgery, and we may not know for about another two weeks... you know, after the deluge of exciting phones that'll be revealed at CES this week. Them's the breaks.

[Thanks, Mike]

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