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HTC Thunderbolt first hands-on (update: video!)

Sean Hollister

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It may not have a dual-core processor, but the 4.3-inch HTC Thunderbolt is a beauty to behold -- not to mention a speed demon with Verizon LTE on board. We just got our paws on the 1GHz Snapdragon-powered Android 2.2 handset at CES 2011, and immediately fired off packets in an online speedtest. While we're not entirely certain Verizon's building-penetrating 700Mhz frequencies would typically work deep in the heart of Las Vegas' Venetian Hotel, it definitely did here, delivering nearly 18Mbps and loading full websites in a snap. The Desire HD-inspired hardware itself is no slouch either, with a solid if oh-so-slightly hollow build, a responsive glass touchpanel, and positively lovely colors from the 4.3-inch Super LCD screen -- a coup for HTC in and of itself -- and the strong, EVO 4G-like kickstand that hides the speakerphone is a nice touch. Here's hoping Verizon doesn't ask for internal organs or first-born children to turn this beast into an LTE hotspot. Find video after the break, and loads of pics below.

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Myriam Joire and Darren Murph contributed heavily to this report.

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