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Louis Vuitton cellphone belt buckle is fake, potentially harmful to your manhood


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This Louis Vuitton cellphone belt buckle comes to us by way of China and brings together two things that should never be combined: fake designer belts and wireless communication. First off, we've all heard the warnings about a cellphone's proximity to our baby-makers; second, we're pretty sure that taking your belt off every time you get a call will not only lead to frustration, but some pretty weird looks on the subway; and finally, it's a fake. Look, it's not like we're anti-excess here, but it seems to us like a solid gold cellphone is a far more practical investment. This rather ridiculous contraption apparently comes complete with Bluetooth earpiece and built-in camera, and supports dual card standby and TF card expansion. You know how we feel about it, but if you must, there's a video after the jump.

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