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iDOS strikes back, returns to the App Store (update: gone again)

Tim Stevens

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If you've been cheekily holding on to the old version of iDOS, the one that got yanked from the App Store in record time, we're sorry to say that you've got a decision to make. It's now back and available for download, and if you want to keep your old one you're going to have to update all your other apps around it. This free version has been simplified somewhat and graced with a suite of formerly freeware apps that we haven't seen since we lost our giant box of floppies back in 1999, including Wolfenstein 3D and the original Duke Nukem -- back when he was kicking butt in 2D. These are the only proggies that you can easily access from within the emulator, but we're told you can still move others into the /Apps/iDos/documents folder and run them from there. Now if only we could find our TIE Fighter floppies...

Update: So much for that.

[Thanks, Adam]

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