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Barnes & Noble brings pinch-to-zoom browsing, improved WiFi connectivity in Nook Color update

Darren Murph

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Got yourself a Nook Color, did you? If you're not the type to wait for OTA updates to hit you upside the head, Barnes & Noble has just let loose a software update that's free to download. Version 1.1.0 promises to improve the Nook Color's WiFi connectivity, improve Home and Shop performance and to "enhance the reading experience for magazines and children's books." Frankly, the latter is quite a curious promise, but we suppose we'd rather have it than not. In other news, the update is adding pinch-to-zoom capabilities in the browser, and B&N also swears that other miscellaneous bugs were squashed in the making of v1.1.0. Hit the source link to get those bytes a-streaming, or just wait for it to be delivered over-the-air in the coming days. On second thought, just download it.

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