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RIM shows PlayBook living in sweet harmony with BlackBerry Torch in new video

Chris Ziegler

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It's no secret that RIM's PlayBook is going to need a connection to a nearby BlackBerry phone to do much of its corporate heavy lifting, and a new video posted by the company today shows a little more detail on exactly how that'll look. The one-minute, 54-second spot spends much of its time in the tablet's email app, demonstrating how the Playbook and the Torch beside it are perfectly in sync -- read an email on one, it immediately shows read on the other, and so on. We also learn that any secured corporate data that you're using on the PlayBook while tethered is essentially on loan -- it'll disappear as soon as you disconnect, which is one of the reasons RIM's touting this as a bolt-on for any corporate BES environment that won't require any additional configuration or lines of data service. The video certainly doesn't do much to appeal to the casual BlackBerry user -- you know, the Curve and Pearl types of folks -- but it's an interesting watch nonetheless. Check it after the break.

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