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LOPES rehab robot gets bodies moving -- no relation to JLo (video)


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That's LOPES (Lower-extremity Powered ExoSkeleton) -- not Lopez -- and while this rehab robot can get otherwise disinclined parties to move their butts, it doesn't resort to monotonous dance beats to do so. Researchers at the Netherlands' University of Twente began work on LOPES in 2001 to assess motor skills and teach stroke victims how to walk again. Ten years later, LOPES -- which looks like Forrest Gump's leg braces on steroids -- now sports eight degrees of freedom and automatically adjusts to fit the specific support needed per patient. LOPES' overlords are working on a more compact and user friendly iteration, and expect a market-ready version to be available by mid-2012. In the meantime, LOPES has been enlisted in a larger EU project called Mindwalker, testing advanced control algorithms "to be used in autonomous exoskeletons." Video of the future real-life RoboCop after the jump.

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