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Sony working on a Cyber-shot camera with 3G cellular connectivity?

Sean Hollister

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If the warm, soothing waves of IEEE 802.11 are beaming down on your location, there are certainly several ways to send pictures directly from your camera to the cloud, but Sony's reportedly prototyping a camera that won't need a single bar of WiFi to get your upload on. Our friends at gdgt cite anonymous sources that say Sony's got a camera with a built-in 3G modem in the works, and we're not talking about a cameraphone. While Sony's cellphone CMOS sensors may have improved, gdgt says the prototype unit will probably be a dedicated point-and-shoot, though the publication says their moles aren't sure it's actually coming to market. If it does, though, here's hoping it comes with some Whispernet so we don't have to foot a monthly or (perish the thought) per-picture bill!

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