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How would you change Dell's Inspiron Duo?

Darren Murph

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We aren't ones to knock a company for throwing convention to the wind, and frankly, we were downright excited to see how Dell's Inspiron Duo would revolutionize our mobile lives. During our own review, we found the design to be top-notch and the build quality to be world-class, but the sluggish performance, annoying software overlay and lackluster UI didn't exactly earn it any brownie points. Enough about us, though -- this is your time to shine. If you bit the bullet and picked one of these multifaceted laptops up, we're interested in hearing how you'd change things. Would you ditch the swiveling LCD? Would you prefer a dual-boot setup as found on the ViewPad 10? How's the hardware standing up over time? Would you have rather seen AMD's Fusion platform take the place of Intel's Atom? Speak out in comments below, won't you?

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