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Is your iPad 2 experiencing intermittent WiFi connection issues?

Darren Murph

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Some things, they never change. Boys will be boys, free never really is, and iPads will have WiFi issues. If you'll recall, the original Apple slate also had such troubling issues with maintaining a wireless connection that the folks in Cupertino actually made a promise to fix things in time. Eventually, that patch was indeed rolled out, but then we heard that iOS 4.2 was being pushed a bit due to -- you guessed it -- more WiFi issues. Now that the iPad 2 has made its way out into the adoring public's hands, we're starting to see a growing cadre of customers raising similar gripes. Our in-house iPad 2 hasn't shown any WiFi connection issues as of yet, but there's a 10+ page thread over in Apple's forums that have us wondering if we're amongst the lucky few. Have you noticed any internet quirks with your new iPad? Or are all of these people simply using the world's worst router? Let us know in comments below.

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