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Wham-O's Frisbee Forever iOS app promises to change backyard fun... forever

Darren Murph

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If there's one thing the iPhone needs -- and we mean exactly one thing -- it's clearly a Frisbee app. Er, Frisbee® app. Not a legitimate Gmail app. Not a new notification system. A Frisbee® app. As the story goes, Wham-O has linked hands with Kiloo in order to develop the Frisbee Forever app for iPhone, iPod touch and iPad, which is said to offer avid iOS gamers "unique challenges and obstacles in a rich complete 3D environment." What kind of challenges, you say? We're hearing that you'll be able to toss a variety of Frisbee models across 100 levels of lush, colorful worlds, but beyond that, most everything else is shrouded in mystery. All will be revealed in May, but till then, we'd encourage you to step outside and actually throw a Frisbee. We hear dogs are super into fetching them, too.

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Wham-O® Frisbee® Flies from Backyard to iPhone with New Frisbee® Forever App by Kiloo

AARHUS, Denmark & WOODLAND HILLS, Calif.--(BUSINESS WIRE)--Kiloo, an award-winning mobile app development company, is announcing Frisbee® Forever - a fast-paced flying game experience for iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad.

"We're absolutely thrilled to bring a worldwide renowned brand like Frisbee® to the millions of fans in the Apple App Store"

Originally dubbed "Pluto Platter," the Frisbee® was created by Fred Morrison in 1955, and over 300 million have been sold since. It has been used in both play and sport and is now available in digital form. While playing Frisbee® Forever, users will be able to flick their favorite Frisbee® and steer it through Pirate Waters, the Wild West and a Sunny California Theme Park. The app features different unique challenges and obstacles in a rich complete 3D environment.

"We could not be more excited to work with a company like Kiloo in bringing a new type of innovation to the flying disc industry," noted Kyle Aguilar, CEO of WHAM-O.

"We're absolutely thrilled to bring a worldwide renowned brand like Frisbee® to the millions of fans in the Apple App Store," said Jacob Moller, CEO at Kiloo.

With over 100 levels in lush, colorful worlds and 100 different Frisbee® disc models to choose from, users will have plenty of excitement as they work toward the multitude of available achievements, collectables and trophies. Frisbee® Forever will be launched early May.

About WHAM-O®

WHAM-O, Inc., which has recently returned to its roots in Southern California, has been an American popular culture sensation since it was founded in 1948. Beginning with the Wham-O® Slingshot, Wham-O® toys continue to capture the imagination of all generations. Whether twirling a Hula Hoop®, riding Morey Boogie® and BZ® Bodyboards or tossing the Original Frisbee® Disc, there is a toy to fit everyone. Wham-O® Inc. designs and manufactures more than 70 products that are carried by sporting goods stores and mass retailers around the world. Connect with Wham-O® Inc. at

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