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Slide launches Disco: Google's group texting app comes to iPhone, not Android

Tim Stevens

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When Google acquired Slide way back in August of 2010, when it was warm and sunny and phones only had single-core processors, the plan was to "build a more social web." Now we know a little more about that plan... sort of. A new app from Slide has just hit the app store and an accompanying site has just hit the internets. It's called Disco, a group texting service that has an app and a web interface. When you sign up you're assigned a new phone number (ours was a 302 -- hello Deleware) and you're invited to send texts to a number of people, any people, regardless of whether they're Disco users themselves. Those people can then reply and things get bounced around all crazy like, so make sure those you add have opted for unlimited texting. Intriguingly at this point the app is only available for iPhone, and that's certainly the platform that takes front and center on the main Disco site. Given the Google parentage here we have to assume that there's an Android flavor coming here, but crazier things have happened at the club.

[Disco Stu could not be reached for comment, but has in the past indicated an affinity for group texting.]

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