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Galaxy Tab 10.1v up for pre-order at Vodafone Australia, shipping to start May 1st

Darren Murph

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Oh, sure -- it's pretty much an ultrathin Galaxy Tab 10.1, but then again, it's an ultrathin Galaxy Tab 10.1. The newly-christened Galaxy Tab 10.1v has finally found itself a pre-order host over at Vodafone Australia, with select customers receiving the newsletter shown above in their email accounts. Purportedly, this "exclusive" offer enables Vodafone customers camped out in the Land Down Under to pre-order the Honeycomb-based slate, with a trio of payment options available. A two-year agreement will cost you zilch upfront (but AU$39 a month over 12 months), a one-year plan dings your credit card for AU$259, and an off-contract option will demand a far stiffer AU$729. A book cover seems to be included with each option, and if you get your order in today, shipping should commence on May 1st. One nation down, six five continents to go. (Sorry, penguins.)

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