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Archos 7c tablet with Eclair, kickstand now shipping for $220


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Well, isn't today our lucky day? Just a week after debuting on video, the Archos 7c Home Tablet is shipping in the US for $220 -- more than a month ahead of its expected June arrival. As a refresher, this 7-inch tablet offers a capacitive (800 x 480) display, Android 2.1 (Eclair), and a Cortex A8 processor-RK2918 chipset combo that promises smooth 720p video playback. Other specs include 8GB of internal storage, a microSD card slot, two built-in speakers, and that kickstand you see in the photo above. Of course, you'll also have to forgo niceties like wireless-N, cameras, and access to Android Market. Are those trade-offs worth the dirt-cheap price? That's a decision you're going to have to make for yourself.

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