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HTC Thunderbolt drops to $130 for new Verizon customers at Amazon over the weekend

Vlad Savov

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If the Droid Charge has you thinking that Verizon LTE phones have to cost an arm, a leg, and an extra $100, you'll want to take a look at this. Amazon Wireless is chopping the Thunderbolt, Verizon's original 4G bad boy, down to the extremely palatable price of $130 on contract, valid for new Verizon subscribers who buy the phone between now and midnight Pacific Time on Monday. The 4.3-inch, Android 2.2 smartphone from HTC impressed us greatly with the 4G speeds it was able to pull down in our review, and while those might not remain quite so spectacular once that network starts loading up more customers, a price like the present one makes it an excellent proposition in the short term. The source link is where you'll find it.

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