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Samsung makes sure you know the Galaxy S II is really, really thin with silly new ad (video)

Vlad Savov

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Samsung seems to be killing time until it finally ships the Galaxy S II by making promo videos for its dual-core superphone. The latest in a series of ads for the S II spends a few precious seconds reminding us just how excellently thin it is, and gives us a particular usage scenario where that slim profile truly becomes practical. We won't spoil that for you, though we should play spoiler in noting the barely readable small print above -- "Thickness of the device may differ by country or carrier." So remember, just because you and your pen pal from across the world are both buying a product with an excruciatingly specific title like Samsung Galaxy S II doesn't mean you'll both get the same thing. All that said, the 8.49mm-thick version of the device is ready to wow you on video just past the break. We've thrown a couple of Samsung's earlier commercials in there as well, just to complete the set.

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