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Introduce yourself to the brand new TUAW!


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Do you love TUAW? Well, we do, and not just cause we're legally obligated to cherish our sister (site). If you haven't seen her lately you should stop by and say "hi." She's sporting an entirely new look -- you'll love what she's done with her nav bar -- and picked up a few interesting new features like the ability to sort by platform and a carousel that automatically alerts you to updated posts (quite handy for stalking the Apple Store when it goes down). Don't let that Beta tattoo fool you though, TUAW 3.0 isn't fickle, she won't change her mind at the drop of a turtleneck or ditch design changes willy nilly -- these are big improvements and there's a lot more to come. So go, reintroduce yourself, and catch up on what's new with TUAW at the source link.

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