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Lenovo IdeaPad K1's videos pair easy listening with helpful how-to's (video)


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Know what really sells a Honeycomb-based tablet? No, not its 10.1-inch display, Tegra 2 processor, nor those 32GBs of storage space -- it's the background music, man. Someone in Lenovo's marketing department must have an iTunes library chock full o'department store-worthy Lite FM jams, because that schmaltzy muzak is all over its dozen-plus IdeaPad K1 how-to videos. We're kind of disappointed the company couldn't get Lisa Stansfield for a voice-over cameo, but hey -- who says we're living in a perfect universe? Prospective IdeaPad owners should check the source, where they'll be treated to such instructional, chart-topping gems like "Getting to know your Tablet," or our personal favorite "Adding and Removing Shortcuts." All kidding aside, we still don't have a firm date on this tablet's launch, but with its FCC presence cleared expect to see it sooner rather than later.

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