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Unofficial Swype port makes its way to iOS, slides in via Jailbreak radar

Joe Pollicino

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Did you finally use JailbreakMe to free your iPhone? Well, if you're also sick of pecking at its virtual keyboard, then Andrew Liu's new Swype iOS port may pique your interest. Although the app's still in the earliest of stages -- version 0.1.0, to be exact -- we can confirm it works, but it did take us two downloads via a repo with Cydia and functionality proved limited. We were able to swipe words in pre-loaded apps like Messaging, Mail and Search, but had no luck with Safari or others we've downloaded. Furthermore, Swype's all-important blue trace-line is absent, and our words didn't always come out as expected. Liu stated on Twitter that the current release is still a beta and that he'll be sprucing it up soon; in the meantime, let us know how your swipe-typing goes in the comments if you choose to install it.

Update: Looks like the newest beta includes the aforesaid blue line, and accuracy is said to be improved by some degree.

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