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Philly papers to offer subscribers discounted Android tablets that make terrible birdcage lining (video)


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As the internet has overtaken newspapers as an information source, convincing readers to shell out the dough for online news has proven an uphill battle. Now two papers are trying a new approach: entice customers with discounted Android tablets and pre-loaded content apps. The Philadelphia Media Network, which owns the Philadelphia Inquirer and the Philadelphia Daily News, is planning a pilot program for mid-August which will offer around 2,000 tablets; if successful, it could expand to more readers. The combined price of hardware and a one- to two-year daily subscription should be about half of retail. So far we have few details on what you'll get for your money, but expect a WiFi tablet from a major manufacturer, with 3G and/or 4G possible in the future. If you're from the city of brotherly love and want more details on this early-stage plan, see the video after the break.

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