It looks like Sony Ericsson needs to juice up the invisibility cloak. Not only has the handset maker been pushing a decent number of phones through for Federal approval, it's splayed out most of them for the whole world to see. The latest device to get the thumbs-up from the feds is the Xperia Mini Pro, which appears to be on track for its promised third-quarter launch. If we don't see a different version of the same phone hit Washington soon, it's more than likely that the 900 / 2100MHz Mini Pro won't see much 3G activity in the US, since we use different frequencies stateside -- though it'll still function as a 2G device when it hops the pond with Europeans on holiday. We've yet a little while before the QWERTY smartphone comes out to play, but check out its outer (and inner) beauty in the gallery below.
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Sony Ericsson Xperia Mini Pro FCC

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