AMD earnings continue to drop despite record CPU sales, GPU business loses $7 million

AMD Earnings
Poor AMD. While Chipzilla just keeps shattering its own earnings records, the little company that could from Sunnyvale is struggling to chug its way uphill. Its total revenue of $1.57 billion represents a two-percent drop from the last quarter and five percent from the same time last year. Total profits fell from half a billion in Q1 to just $61 million. News was particularly bad at the graphics division which saw revenues plummet 11 percent from Q1. In total, the former ATI brand lost $7 million. It's not all bad news, though -- the company did ship a record number of mobile CPUs, won some awards, and increased its presence on the top 500 super computer list by 15 percent. That's gotta count for something right?

[Thanks, Matt]