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How would you change the Kyocera Echo?

Darren Murph

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We get the impression that Kyocera's design team had been hacking away at the Echo for years -- largely due to the blocky corners that remained, despite the current market's affinity for curvation -- and in a way, we're actually relieved that Sprint took a chance with it. We've seen what's to come when looking at dual-screen handsets, and if executed properly, the future seems bright. The Echo itself surprised us with its flexibility, and while it's obviously a niche device, we're certain a few of you have ponied up for one. So, here's your chance to tell us all what you'd do differently the next time around. Would you change the form factor in any way? How's about that slider / locking mechanism? Was Android 2.2 the right choice? Do you wish it were available on a different carrier? Go on and get creative in comments below!

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