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Keepin' it real fake: the iPhone 4 has a fan in China (video)


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With competition like the Samsung Galaxy S II showing us just how thin a phone can be, the iPhone 4 isn't quite looking as svelte as it once did. How's an Apple-loving gadget fiend supposed to stay faithful in a time like this? Why, by holding their handset next to something much, much thicker. Enter the "iPhone 4," which actually isn't a phone, rather a powered fan that serves to keep you cool, not connected. As you can see after the break, the Home button won't kick you out of an app, instead kicking that ducted air-mover into high gear, and while you won't find it in your local Apple Store, stumble across one of these plastic bricks in Shenzhen and it'll only cost you $10 or so to take it home. Small price to keep your handset feeling good about itself -- until September, anyway.

Update: Jasper wrote in with a link of where you can buy one for yourself, if you're still suffering from a heat wave.

[Thanks, Chris]

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