Telepresence, say hello to your future. Humans, say hello to the next generation of Chancellor Sutler. All jesting aside, there's no question that Big Brother came to mind when eying Sony Computer Science Laboratories' Face-to-Avatar concept at SIGGRAPH. For all intents and purposes, it's a motorized blimp with a front-facing camera, microphone, a built-in projector and a WiFi module. It's capable of hovering above crowds in order to showcase an image of what's below, or displaying an image of whatever's being streamed to its wireless apparatus. The folks we spoke to seemed to think that it was still a few years out from being in a marketable state, but we can think of a few governments who'd probably be down to buy in right now. Kidding. Ominous video (and static male figurehead) await you after the break.
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Sony's Face-to-Avatar blimp soars through SIGGRAPH 2011