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Microsoft talks Windows 8 portrait mode, really wants you to be proud of it (video)


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If Apple is that paranoid friend that has four deadbolts on his door and a loaded weapon in every room, then Microsoft is the over-sharer who tweets where, when and what he had for lunch -- including both before and after photos (and we're not talking about pictures of a clean plate). Redmond wants you to know about everything it does -- no accomplishment is too minor for a lengthy explanation of the what and why. Take for example, portrait mode. Windows 8 will have one. We know what you're thinking, "well I would frackin' hope so," but the devs want you to know this isn't just some feature they slapped in the OS knowing people would expect it. The team studied users both familiar with and new to the tablet form factor. They looked at grip, posture and when people chose to rotate their slates. And, if you're some weirdo who likes reading things on their side, there's a rotation lock option. For more details hit up the source link and the video after the break.

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