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Samsung Galaxy Tab 7.7 visits FCC again, wants to show its 3G credentials


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It was on, then it was off, but it looks like Samsung 7.7-incher could return from the ether of launch limbo, with a 3G-capable model knocking at the FCC's lab-door. Schematics are largely identical to the WiFi model spotted at the commission back in September, but the filing confirms that this particular slab of Android will be arriving with HSPA+ talents. Yes, the GT-P6800 will offer up some faux-G speeds alongside a sizable Super AMOLED Plus panel (1280 x 800) and the standard WiFi, Bluetooth and GPS bells and whistles. We are, however, still tapping our collective feet while waiting for confirmation on whether the device will ever land on American soil. What's in an inch, anyway?

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