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DarwinMachine Type 339 is an anti-boxism statement, and also a PC

Sharif Sakr

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Architect and racecar designer Matthew Kim gets much respect for his messed-up PC builds and now he's had a go at the 9-inch-cubed small form factor. The DarwinMachine Type 339 is perhaps less wacky than the Hammerhead, but its chassis exploits the same premium combo of semi-translucent eco-resin and CNC aircraft aluminum and comes with Kim's usual life-time warranty. The internals are decent enough for home theatre or a spot of gaming: a Core i5-2400S alongside a Radeon HD 6570, 4GB, 40GB SSD and 1TB HDD, but ultimately that $1999.00 price tag is all about the (hopefully dimmable) aesthetics.

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