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PS3 v4.10 update is live with an improved browser, Sony Entertainment Network nameplate


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The latest update for Sony's PlayStation 3 is live and available for download from via your PlayStation Netw...oops, Sony Entertainment Network account. While we get used to the new branding (nothing we could see in the system UI has actually changed at all), there's a few tweaks included in v4.10, like some sorely needed upgrades for the web browser and the ability to set the time and date automatically upon each sign-in. A scan of the forums reveals a few who noticed problems with Netflix post-update (which may or may not be update related, deleting Netflix data from the Game Data utility section and/or installing the newest version seems to fix the issue), however most are just seeing significantly better scores in browser benchmarks like Acid3 and HTML5 Test, better compatibility with most webpages and improved YouTube playback (still 240p). Let us know if you notice any other changes, the system should prompt you the next time you log on for a quick round of Final Fantasy XIII-2.

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