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SCEA Senior VP hints Hulu may be headed to PS Vita


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By now, we're sure you have that shiny new PlayStation Vita all unboxed and have logged several hours on the thing playing games, Tweeting and watching vids on Netflix. But, if those apps we told you about earlier weren't enough to fulfill your entertainment needs, you'll be happy to know there could be more in stock for you. SCEA Senior VP Guy Longworth may have spilled the beans when he told The Hollywood Reporter "we have a partnership with Netflix and Hulu; this is a new way for them to distribute content." An interesting statement given the fact there's no Hulu app available now that Vita has launched. Good news is, the previously unknown hook-up indicates we may be be able to catch some episodes of Gossip Girl at some point in the future on our monstrous quad-core handheld.

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