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Evernote for Android adds speech-to-text and custom widgets in latest update

Billy Steele

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If you've been putting Evernote through its paces on your Android device, a new update adds a few more bells and whistles. First, the outfit has integrated speech-to-text transcription to go alongside its existing audio notes feature. Don't worry, the original audio is also attached to each note and the new tool can be disabled for sound-only reminders. This feature only works with Android 4.0 tech and "certain other devices" though.

Are those standard widgets just not doing the trick? An update to the Evernote Widget app should do the trick. Now, you can customize color, buttons and exactly which notes appear in the large widget. There's also a single function widget that rests on the home screen just like a regular ol' app icon does. Finally, a new Quick Snapshot function enables blazing fast captures that are added to your account and automatically titled. Catch all that? Good. Hit the source link below for all the details before hoping over to Google Play to download the goods.

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