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Google starts selling accessories for HSPA+ Galaxy Nexus on Google Play, has you all docked up


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If you liked the idea of buying an unlocked Galaxy Nexus straight from Google but were put off by the absence of the official accessories, have no fear. A swing by Google Play now gives US shoppers the chance to buy the regular Desktop Dock, the HDMI Portrait Dock or the Vehicle Dock, whether it's packed in with your Android 4.0 flagship or after the fact. All three require the HSPA+ edition -- sorry, no attempts to shoehorn the Verizon model here -- and cost between $49 to $54. The accessories reinforce the notion that Google is a little more in it to win it than the last time it sold hardware directly, although we have yet to see whether or not the store section will carry any hardware that isn't fully blessed by Google as part of the Nexus ecosystem.

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