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Xbox 360 video gets 35 new content providers, 24/7 live ESPN video
Internet Explorer coming to Xbox 360 this year, Kinect / voice integration and all
Microsoft's SmartGlass gets official: app brings AirPlay-esque streams to Android, iOS and Windows Phone
Microsoft enhances Xbox Live Bing Search with genre navigation, extends support to 12 additional countries
Nintendo shows final Wii U Gamepad, TV remote app
Tim Cook: 2.7 million Apple TVs sold already this year, TV is 'area of intense interest'
aTV Flash (black) version 1.6 for Apple TV will serve subtitles and more to your couch
Sony: 4K isn't just about the resolution
4K TV already being trialed by one UK broadcaster
ITU lays out recommendations on 3DTV, Ultra High Definition TV standards
TiVo shows a Q1 net loss of $20.8 million, will launch TV Everywhere web portal soon
Cisco sues TiVo to nullify four DVR patents, claims TiVo's just a big meanie
Engadget's summer gear guide 2012
XBMC audio engine gets big rewrite, Dolby TrueHD and DTS-HD Master Audio hit your media hub
Lovefilm introduces HD streaming in the UK and Germany, adds another nail in mail rental coffin
Netflix for iOS updated with a new player UI, support for alternate language audio and more
Avengers Blu-ray preorders listed, including massive 10-disc Marvel Cinematic Universe set
Must See HDTV (June 4th - 10th)

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