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Adafruit's Pi Cobbler breakout kit puts Raspberry Pi's pins to work


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Leave it to Adafruit to really help a product deliver on its DIY promise. Those pins on the Raspberry Pi taunted us from the moment we laid our hands on it, and not just cause we weren't sure what to do with them. The board's makers didn't exactly make playing with them easy. Actually, prototyping a project with a Pi embedded seemed like a logistical nightmare destined to become a mess of wires. The Pi Cobbler solves that problem with a ribbon cable, some header pins and a custom PCB. The kit lets you easily run those 26 I/O pins to solderless breadboard... after you've soldered together the Cobbler, of course. The whole, unassembled package will set you back just $7.95, which sounds like a pretty sweet deal to us. Especially since each pin is nice and clearly labeled. Hit up the source link to order yours.

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