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Huawei Ascend Q hands-on (video)

Brad Molen

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Huawei's taken to the Taste of Chicago event in Chicago to introduce its fresh pair of myTouch phones to the world, but it also had another gem at its booth: the Huawei M660, also known as the Ascend Q. An upcoming smartphone that's poised to hit the US in August, the company plans to launch the device on Cricket as a prepaid handset. It's certainly not high-end, but we weren't exactly expecting it to take the no-contract carrier by storm in that sense. In fact, spec junkies may be a little disappointed at what they see in the portrait QWERTY phone: a 3.2-inch HVGA touchscreen display, Android 2.3.6, an 800MHz CPU, 1,500mAh battery, microSD storage slot and a 3MP fixed-focus rear camera with no LED flash. The device will also feature Muve Music, a Cricket staple that's starting to be included on most of its smartphone lineup.

The keyboard, while small, actually closely resembles a BlackBerry Bold -- its keys are pretty close together, but each key offers a ridge that gives our fingers a little more travel and makes it easier to type than most other 'boards its size. The one concern we had with the keyboard was its placement of some of the keys -- for instance, there's a messaging access button on the lower right corner of the device, which we accidentally hit on multiple occasions when we were attempting to hit the much smaller enter key just above it. For a Gingerbread device with an 800MHz CPU, the Ascend Q actually runs pretty smooth, with minimal lag when going in between various tasks. And in our limited time with the device, we were able to do a quick SunSpider test, which yielded a score of 4,800. In terms of the user interface, the Gingerbread UI on the Q is reminiscent to the skin we've encountered on previous Huawei phones such as the Honor and Mercury.

Overall, this will likely be a good device for prepaid fans interested in a smaller messaging device. Huawei wasn't able to give us any mention of pricing yet, but we imagine it will be quite a reasonable cost on Cricket. Check out our hands-on gallery and full video below.

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