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Judge rules against Apple in Kodak patent dispute, cites disruption to next week's auction

Joseph Volpe , @jrvolpe

Is this Kodak's moment? It's sure shaping up to be, as Bloomberg reports the once prominent imaging company has just earned a slight, though significant courtroom victory against Apple. At stake is the ownership of ten patents related to digital imaging, two of which have been deemed incontestable by a Manhattan bankruptcy judge due to Cupertino's late stage ownership filing. Citing potential disruptions to next Wednesday's auction, Judge Gropper ruled against Apple's claims, while also striking down Kodak's request for a summary judgment on the eight remaining IPs and leaving the door open for further dispute. So, though it may seem like the Rochester-based company is finally out of the woods, this certainly isn't the end of its woes -- Apple has now filed counterclaims and is seeking a transfer of the case to district court. And if the House that Steve built's legal track record is any indication, it's not going down without an interminable fight.